Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Staying Tech Savvy!

The semester is definitely over, but that doesn't mean that the learning stops! Ask your professors and people that you intern with if they are on a continual education for their craft, 90% will say yes! Our world of digital media is constantly evolving and adding new innovations. Its in OUR best interest to stay abreast of new developments and to have knowledge of many skills in order to stay relevant. To know just Pro-Tools is counter-productive for me a consummate freelancer. I have already had to work in sessions for Logic, Ableton, Reason, Digital Performer, and Cubase and though I am not a master of all of these programs I have a working proficiency of all of them which allows me to retain clients. Whether you have just completed your intro to Pro-Tools course or you are about to graduate its imperative to educate yourself and add new skills to your repertoire. Though you are working towards your degree here at Bloomfield College its up to you to prepare yourself further for the real world before you graduate. In saying all that, there are plenty of sites and resources online that can help you expand your knowledge and I wanted to share one that I find useful: Musictech Tutorials.