Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why not try something out of the digital box????????

I came across this article in my daily perusal of my favorite blogs (thanks Dave!) and our friend Peter Kirn posted this on his blog CREATEDIGITALMUSIC.COM.
check it out and try it out....tape saturation on a budget( I think I still have my tape adaptor in my ride)

Find out why Music Theory is sooo important to your career

Salute: Behind the Beats with AraabMuzik

"AraabMuzik kills the MPC"

That’s the heading of a video I came across during my daily visit to some of my favorite music websites. Now being a hip-hop fan, I recognize the importance of the drum machine as it relates to the creation of hip-hop music. The MPC, in particular, has been the drum machine of choice for producers of various music genres and continues to be a mainstay in their studio setup. read more...

Sound Designer Needed

Looking for a Sound Designer/Post Production sound person to do
looping, ADR and sound effects sound for a 15 minute short film.

If interested please contact:

Dwight Craver

Thanks to Professor J. Zalben


I just saw Dart Parker over at Shady records post this on his twitter account. Apparently they have some openings for interns….

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Post Production Facility with a Gallery attached is looking for Spring Interns to join this fast paced, creative, and fun office.
Ideal interns should be college students or post graduates with creative mixed media experiences as well as administrative experiences.
Candidates should also be Mac and PC savvy, familiar with Microsoft Office, and have general computer skills.
Those with strong work ethics that have a high level of attention to detail and ability to follow through on projects are encouraged to apply.