Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I know everyone is out for an internship with the summer coming up, so I have a list of studios that accept interns that I feel you guys should take advantage of this information. Click on the name of the studio for the link to the site and follow the information provided. Do not be discouraged if you do not land one for the summer, just remember to be persistent yet professional! Good luck!

Avatar Recording Studio
441 W 53rd - 212.765-7500

We do offer both Full Time Internships, and Summer Internships
for school credit. You must have formal training in
Audio/Recording from an established institution.

Contact by email only with recent resume attached.

Beatstreet Productions
928 Broadway - 212.777.8440

Occasional internships. We specialize in Audio Post and the type of
interns we look for are aspiring sound designers. Contact via e-mail

Bennett Studios
Englewood, NJ - 201.227.0200
Call and ask for Austin

Clinton Recording
Tenth Ave - 212.246.2444
Internships are unpaid for three months at which point if the intern
stays on
with us they would be put on the books at minimum wage.
Interested applicants should call/fax a resume to Kenny Schmidt.
Fax is 212-582-3080. Phone is 212-246-2444

Cutting Room
14 e4th St - 212.260.0905

Contact via e-mail

The Doghouse
New York City - 866.315.0321
The best way to contact us is through our email:
intern_program@doghouseNYC.com. The prospective
intern will be sent a questionnaire. Additionally, the details of
our internship program can be found at this page:

150 Forsyth St - 212.226.6365
Occasionally we offer UNPAID internships for a period of 3 months.
If you are interested in a 3 month internship (with the understanding that it is completely unpaid), please forward your availability (which trimester, which days, what hours)

Grand Street Recording
455 Grand St. Brooklyn - 718.718.360.9355
In fact, the last couple of guys who've interned have stuck around and
are now engineering their own sessions. Contact via phone or e-mail