Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Music Producers

I was put on to this site by a recent speaker here at Bloomfield College, Jeff 'The Jedi Master' Jones, and I just couldn't help but share this great site full of videos with interviews of top music producers as they discuss recording and mixing technics.

Cody ChesnuTT new music

Some may be familiar with this funk/rock fusion artist from a song done with the Roots many years ago. He hasn't released much since his debut but I found this gem and wanted to share for those who might be in the know and for those just looking for something new.

Audio Engineer Internship with CBS Radio

The CBS Interactive Music Group has an immediate opening for an Audio Engineering Intern to help us with our aggressive studio schedule. We are looking for someone who is passionate about music, is talented, is hard-working and creative, and is interested in learning and working on the cutting edge of the digital music space. Come in with a professional attitude and a strong desire to learn. This is a very demanding yet highly rewarding internship, so please only those serious about starting a career in the music engineering field should apply.

Independent Record Label Internship

Independent Record label, Eleven Seven Music is seeking an intern. The label is located in New York City and this is an unpaid position.

Beastie Boy A Capellas

The Beastie Boys have been breaking the rules and giving us good music for over 20 years! From hip-hop to rock with more albums than I could even begin to name this group has been the beacon of individuality in the music industry doing things their way since Paul's Boutique. You can download the a cappellas to over 20 songs and do what you like, just like Mike D, Adrock, and MCA!


CMJ 2010 Music Marathon & Film Festival has been set for October 19-23 in New York City. This is one of the most attended Music events for independent and up and coming artists. A great opportunity to see new groups and network with the music industry. They have an open submission for groups that would like to perform during the marathon and while its early you can save money on registration.

New Music and Free Download

Earl Greyhound while not a new band, are new to me through a close friend who's musical taste I trust and after giving a listen I still trust. This band doesn't fit into one of those little neat boxes and has a very distinct look! Check out the free download and new video, these guys just finished touring with Coheed & Cambria.

Earl Greyhound formed in 2002 with the collaboration of songwriters Matt Whyte and Kamara Thomas, who began performing regularly as a duo in NYC. All the while, they were crafting the unique sound and songs that would form the foundation for a colossal rock band. Their influences swept from the strident English three- and four-pieces of the 70’s, to the dark pop and heavy grunge grooves of the 90’s, to the transcendental, noisy acid sounds of modern rock.
free music download

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The Orchard
An Orchard internship offers applicants a unique hands-on experience in the exciting and fast-growing field of digital media distribution. We seek full- and part-time interns willing to dedicate 15-40 hours a week to assist these departments from mid-August 2008 through December 2008. Applicants must receive school credit for their internship.


The Living Room
he Living Room, located on the historic Lower East Side, is New York's most successful Listening Room for acoustic music.


Cali based Hip Hop Group OZOMATLI

West Coast Hip-Hop/Latin band Ozomatli has a challenge for you. In the genre blending spirit that Ozomatli embodies, take the stems they've provided to their single "45" from their most recent album Fire Away and rework the song with your own style. If you win, you could have a nice wad of cash to spend and be featured on an Ozomatli release!

Ozomatli is one of the hardest working and eclectic bands to come out of California in the past 15 years. Their sound is a smart combination of Los Angeles culture, encompassing Latin, Hip-Hop, Funk and an aggressive live sound. Now is the perfect opportunity to take your own influences and, together with Ozomatli, create something wholly unique.

EMI may be bought by Apple

EMI in Serious Debt, to be Bought by Apple?

    Reports on EMI's financial problems are surfacing after they failed to sell North American distribution rights to Universal or Sony. The label, home to the Beatles' recordings, intended to offer a five-year licensing contract to the record label rivals in the hopes of raising $304 million. However, an anonymous source said the deal fell apart since the labels couldn't agree upon a price.

    EMI is left struggling to raise $183 million by the middle of June in order to meet their loan commitments with Citigroup. If they are unable to raise the funds in time then Citigroup could seize the label meaning the label gets sold or is broken up.

    Full Story

    Get down with some Izotope Software Wu-stylie

    RZA and Izotope Software Contest

    RZA wants you to remix his kits into new beats! Share beats with your friends beginning March 29, 2010 on Facebook or Twitter and automatically be entered into the Duel of The Disciples Contest. In the Duel, the shared beats will be judged by RZA himself with the winner’s beat added to the app as a new kit! The winner will also receive a signed copy of the Tao of Wu and a complete suite of iZotope software

    Snoop Dog Remix Contest

    Skullcandy, Snoop Dogg, and Indaba Bring You a Remix Contest for the Ages!

    Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg is providing you with the stems to "That Tree", his new single from the More Malice album. Snoop has already collaborated with Kid Cudi on this song, now he wants to hear what you can add. For this challenge, remix the song and fill in Kid Cudi's verse with your own instrumental or vocal flavor. If Snoop picks your mix, you'll be laying back, chilling VIP at a Snoop show, decked out in Skullcandy gear in front of the Skullcandy TV cameras!

    Get your remix on

    For all the hip-hop and electronic heads here is a contests that I thought would be cool on some level... & Prime Loops Remix Competition - News: "Renowned music download store team up with premium sample pack creators Prime Loops to present you Remix Addict! An exclusive free download pack and remix competition that will see a winning track chosen by none other than MJ Cole, D. Ramirez and Crissy Criss . The winner of this prestigious competition will also walk away with an enviable prize pack containing music production software, magazine subscription, plus a ton of merchandise, sample packs and music downloads."

    Legal Free Music: Oveous Maximus

    Just to start things off with some off the beat and path free music for those that are into hiphop...
    Oveous Maximus...
    feel free to criticize, download, ignore...


    My name is Toriono Gandy, most of you know me as Tori, and I have started this blog for the music department here at Bloomfield College. The CAT program has come a long way since my days in the program and I am pleased to see the wealth of talent that we have in our program. This is an unofficial blog that was setup as a reference for students to participate in different aspects of the Music Industry. I plan on sharing tools, articles, remix opportunities, internship opportunities, and information in general that you may find useful. In this age of information I feel its always key to stay on the trends as they hit before they become passe, which now a days is within a couple of months. I would appreciate input from you students and faculty alike and encourage people to comment and post. This is a forum to geek out, share ideas, and interactive with your future peers in the business and possibly build new connections.