Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ascensionist - Beautiful Catastrophe

Bloomfield CAT students Chase, Truth, Lova-Gurl, Ave, Brian Battersby, Ill Will, Daniel David, Nomad, Adam Cruz, Eder Vernet and Justin Pauls form Ascensionist. Their debut album is an apocalyptic concept album fusing experimental hip-hop, R&B, and indie rock. Stream it here or download it free.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

INTERNSHIPS!!!! for the the Fall Semester

I hope everyone had a great summer just like I did! So I officially welcome you back with a great internship post from MTV! Internships are a great stepping stone to a permanent position. Even though we would all love big fat pay checks( I still don't see those!), working an internship definitely has it's own payoff. Like most things in life it may not seem apparent at the time but if you put in 150 percent, are pleasant, helpful, show initiative, and network that internship may be the flashing light on the map of the road to success. I had a completed 3 internships by the time I graduated and took on another post-graduation when I was laid off, two years after graduation. The internship after graduation afforded me the opportunity to hone my craft, work under an industry heavy weight who now calls me for freelance gigs. The intern usually empties the trash, refills snacks, and take on all the tedious jobs around the workplace. The cash may not equal the workload but the social currency you take with you and the knowledge gained is invaluable!
Check out the link below