Tuesday, January 19, 2016

As amateur musicians we could all use opportunities, no matter how big or small...

We have been very poor bloggers over the last couple of years, but it's never too late to make a change, as Michael once sang.  So it's a new year, 2016, and like the beginning of most calendars, we try to put on our optimistic hats and try to display our better selves going forward.  I have no aversion to this, but it does get tiring year after year.  Since the new year has been the symbol of change and improvement for years I have stopped fighting and have learned to embrace the change.
The change in the air for me is to be more active online get back to what I truly enjoy, creating in the studio with great artists.  Having lost my long time muse has been a setback and a truly devastating.   And it's times like these, difficult times, that we tend to dig deeper to achieve what needs to be done.  I hope to be more active with my students in preparing them for their chosen professions, outside of the class.  To do this i will need to be more hands on and have opened myself to work with students who have graduated from our program and want to keep moving forward.  I say all that to say that blogging will be a part of that and I will be requiring my students to contribute as well.   Though most of our readers are students and alumni, we hope that whomever stumbles upon our humble online real estate finds some useful info or are inspired in some way or fashion.
So the first post of the year is for the EmCees in the crowd that want that validation or just love friendly competition. On Twitter one of the accounts I follow posted an online open competition that sounded perfect for some of my current students.  The site, TeamBackPack, is offering up a contest for EmCees that just about anyone can join.  Below will be a link to the information for those interested.  I encourage all, students and non-students, to submit their verse and to be active in the culture online and offline.  Welcome to 2016 and lets be our best selves possible!

TeamBackPack Online Auditions

Tori 'RPGEEZ' Gandy