Monday, November 19, 2012

Recording Bass Guitar

Our music technology program is full of students with various levels of recording experience, I think every now and then we should take the time to step back and cover some basics of recording.  The process of recording is a huge factor in determining what your mix will sound like.  It is much harder to create a good mix with low a  quality recording.  In my opinion, one of the best feelings you can get as a mixing engineer is when you have such well recorded tracks, they essentially "mix" themselves.  Signature Sound Studios does a nice job posting videos of their recording techniques on various instruments.  These short instructional videos do a pretty good job showing how they record, such as certain techniques, gear, etc., as well as explaining why they do it.  Not only are the videos great, but they also have nice write-ups at the bottom of the page enforcing whatever points they make during the clip.  This specific post from Signature Sound demonstrates how they typically record bass guitar. 

The bass guitar is a very important part of laying the groundwork for a song.  Along with the drums, it is often referred to as the "foundation" of the arrangement. click the link to continue 

-Post by Justin Cosentino