Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free Plug-ins

Just before the break Prof Dave Bokil brought to my attention that the vaunted Massy Plug-ins are available for demo without intermittent white noise or any of the other annoying devices companies use when they make plug-ins available for demo, so I went to the site and checked them out and was impressed by what was available. So a great big thank you to Dave for this which triggered a search over the break for more free plug-ins that are available. I found more than I thought and proceeded to download them and some are already available on the workstation in room 210 and in the TDM. I know its hard for students to afford quality plug-ins so I thought this would be great and I will install most of them on our computers in the lab so that it makes it easier to mix at home and bring projects in and continue to mix.

First up we have IKMultimedia's Sampletank 2(this won't be on the computers in the lab but available in room 210)

The BlueCat Freeware Plug-in Pack (100% free) - this will be available on all machines

The Massey Plug-ins demos(they never expire, beep, or mute!) these will be on all machines

The Izotope Vinyl (a nice lo-fi simulator) this will also be available on all machines

These are just a few but there are plenty more for individuals to check out, I can't have all of them on our machines but feel free to expand your plug-in library! Have fun!
Check this blog that has a healthy list of freeware and demo plug-ins: