Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Music and Free Download

Earl Greyhound while not a new band, are new to me through a close friend who's musical taste I trust and after giving a listen I still trust. This band doesn't fit into one of those little neat boxes and has a very distinct look! Check out the free download and new video, these guys just finished touring with Coheed & Cambria.

Earl Greyhound formed in 2002 with the collaboration of songwriters Matt Whyte and Kamara Thomas, who began performing regularly as a duo in NYC. All the while, they were crafting the unique sound and songs that would form the foundation for a colossal rock band. Their influences swept from the strident English three- and four-pieces of the 70’s, to the dark pop and heavy grunge grooves of the 90’s, to the transcendental, noisy acid sounds of modern rock.
free music download