Thursday, April 15, 2010


My name is Toriono Gandy, most of you know me as Tori, and I have started this blog for the music department here at Bloomfield College. The CAT program has come a long way since my days in the program and I am pleased to see the wealth of talent that we have in our program. This is an unofficial blog that was setup as a reference for students to participate in different aspects of the Music Industry. I plan on sharing tools, articles, remix opportunities, internship opportunities, and information in general that you may find useful. In this age of information I feel its always key to stay on the trends as they hit before they become passe, which now a days is within a couple of months. I would appreciate input from you students and faculty alike and encourage people to comment and post. This is a forum to geek out, share ideas, and interactive with your future peers in the business and possibly build new connections.